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"Just found out that it normally is written as Karbolit. The factory exists since 1916 and still present: see"
"These sets have been made in Rumania in the 2nd half of 20th century. Mine has written (in pencil, not a stamp) "MADE IN ROMANIA" on it. But if I look at the pieces of Victors set then I see Kings, Queens and Bishops which do think of 20th century Austrian coffee-house sets. At the set of Jim these pieces do like more Staunton, while on mine all those pieces are the same, with only different coloured tops. The boards itself look all alike, although Victors seems to be made of a different kind of wood."
"I have an identical set to the one on the left side, second shelf. Could you please tell me what the paper label says? I am researching the set for my son, for whom it was a gift, and wish to substantiate its origin. Cheers, to anyone who can assist ("
Colleen Murray
"Joost, I've just bought a virtually identical set of turned galalith - the knights look slightly different and the Q's have ball finials. My bishops came' with the same coloured tops attached to the bases, but I concluded that they should be switched as on your set. Lovely little sets."
Corptaxman Mtaxcons
"These are some pieces (not a full set) of the more "Staunton" like type of set. Size is in between the large and small "Rose" model set, I believe. The pieces are not owned by me."
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